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Make an impact with videos and audios. No matter what your story is, make it memorable with our high-performing technology. 

Be the hero of your own story!

You are not alone! We make videos and audios that tell your story.

How We Can Help.

At Doxacom limited, we provide video services that satisfies customer expectation. This service can be provided at our studio or the customers location of choice. We understand that each video category requires a unique editing approach to make it stand-out, and this is exclusively our area of specialization.

Our video and audio editing processes are seamless, we polish your videos or audios by arranging randomly shot videos or audio recording into a meaningful sequence.

Our Featured Services

We specialize in branded content, to make you look truly good. Our most popular video, audio services and editing works cuts across:

Video Services

  • Church / Ministry.
  • Social Events.
  • Corporate Events.
  • Youtube Channel.
  • Commercials

Audio Services

  • Podcast
  • MP3
  • Commercials

Editing Services

  • Audio / MP3 editing
  • MP4 video editing.
  • 360 video editing.

Live Stream


Our team of professionals, with many years of vast industry experience, and leveraging advanced video editing software and other specialized techniques and processes to transform your raw videos into a highly professional piece of art. Some the software we employ includes:

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Avid
  • Final cut Pro
  • Edius pro and many more editing techniques and processes with the intent to deliver a professional piece.


Be Diligent.

“Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;” Romans 12:11

Doxacom Limited

….value based, customer focused.

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