Live video streaming is a vital tool for individuals or corporations who wish to promote themselves to a wider audience and market.

Doxacom Live Events Streaming Services is everything you need :

To ensure that your events reach your audience in the highest possible quality, no matter where they watch.


What we do best!

Doxacom Limited provides multi-camera live streaming production services and consulting for virtually any type of event. Our HD online streaming service provides a one-stop shop for the entire webcasting process covering: pre-production, broadcast identity design, live encoding and post-production. We achieve your desired excellent service using the best-in-class equipment and technology.

Doxacom Limited mobile studio will go all the way to your event centers, training sessions, company- wide meeting, church services and conferences, product launch and other live events. Our tem of certified professionals with over a decade of industry-wide experience are readily available to cover your live events 24/7.

Build world-class live streaming experiences

With Doxacom Limited, livestreaming is not as difficult as it seams, you can be up and running in just few minutes once all the necessary resources are set. Besides, we add the following values:

Watch on all devices

We enable your viewers to watch live events right on their phones and other mobile devices.

Unlimited streaming

No bandwidth limits, so you can stream unlimited videos with no extra charges.


We provide automatic recording of your events, your audience can watch even after the event.


Your viewers can watch your live events on any website of choice without any difficulties.

Start streaming on our trusted, proven platform.

  • Broadcast to any audience, no matter the scale. We make it easy to stream your meetings, events, panels, trainings and many more.
  • Dedicated Support, Security and Privacy.
  • Remove the physical limits of your event and open it up to a global audience. Drive travel costs down and engagement up.
  • Using the most current and reliable equipment, we deliver unforgettable virtual events and conferences.
  • Centralized Management and Seamless video delivery.
  • Affordable

Live event to the fullest


Led of the Holy Ghost.

“Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.” Acts 6:3

Doxacom Limited

….value based, customer focused.

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